Interview with Ms. Khyati Thakker

Khyati Thakker is a lawyer-turned-blogger who blogs and writes for a living! She gave up her full-time corporate job to set up her dream project “A Lawyer’s Voyage”. 

With a passion for exploring the planet and having travelled 17+ countries, she has realised that the more she sees, the more she craves. She is an adventure seeker and she loves to try everything once and have a strong passion for exploring the countryside, anywhere in the world. She loves to create a warm space for sharing her travel blogs coupled with personal growth ideas, thus, giving inspiration to always be happy!  

Q. Please tell us something about yourself and your experience at law school.

Thank you so much for having me.  Life before I graduated from law school feels like a long time ago! I’ll be honest. I have always been an average student throughout school and college. Not too good- not too bad. Having said that, one thing I was always sure of was to do study law.

Being in the family of Chartered Accounts and Engineers, my chosen field was absolutely new for everyone in the family, including me. I had no idea how to go about it but things fell in place after I joined a law college. I wouldn’t say I graduated law from the best school in Mumbai, however, I am certain that I was blessed to have some amazing professors and supportive seniors to guide me through! 

Q. What encouraged you to actively transition from the law as a career and follow your dreams as a travel enthusiast?

The travel bug bit me at a very early age and refused to let me go! Before I decided to take the plunge into this travel space full-time, I worked in one of the top law firms of India for about a decade. Initially, after my every trip, I shared my travel stories with friends and relatives and posted pictures on social media. Gradually, my hunger to pen down my travel experiences started growing. During my free time at nights or weekends, I started writing for Tripoto (social travel platform) and some other travel platforms. 

On one random day, while I was discussing the travel itinerary with someone, I thought why I couldn’t make this as my career? 

Let me tell you that I loved my job and enjoyed every minute of it. Nevertheless, every time I asked myself if I could this for the rest of my life, the answer was NO. That’s when I started researching and reading everything about travel companies, bloggers and bam! – That was a eureka moment! I quit my full-time corporate job to set my foot on a new and an unexplored path. 

Q. Since blogging is a unique and unconventional career switch from the law, did having a sound knowledge prove to be beneficial to your entrepreneurial venture in any way? Were there any unexpected skills you took from law school that you implemented into your entrepreneurial venture? 

That’s an interesting question. Entrepreneurs all over the world are trying to explore the unexplored. This requires patience, perseverance, hard work, positive attitude, problem-solving approach and so on. I am thankful for learning these attributes from my legal profession. Like I always say, “Once a lawyer, always a lawyer”! In this world uncertainty, you have to be ready for some unexpected possibilities! 

Q. Every career has its own share of challenges; even more so with such a unique field switch. What were some challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey? How did you work through those?

Back then when I started all I had was research material on blogging with zero practical experience. I did not know what it takes to have your own domain, how do you maintain it, what is SEO, what do influencers do and likewise. I remember coming across the jargons (and I still do) that were alien to me! All I wanted to do was to write and share my travel blogs and inspire people to travel. The point here is, as they say, the first step is always the hardest. It is hardest because it requires you to makes changes, get out of your comfort zone, mould yourself and take the pain to initiate.  

The transition phase is not easy but then every career graph has its share of ups and downs. The only way is to work consistently. I spent countless hours reading, researching and writing about my niche. There are days when you are so proud of the content that you create and on some other days, you doubt your ability. It is all part of the game. Not getting yourself bogged down by these disappointments is the only solution for achieving success. 

Q. What were some aspects you actively looked into before you were sure you wanted to take up travel blogging and quitting a job in the legal field?

I have been asked so many times as to why and how did I decide to quit my profession and decide to be a full-time traveller. Does it earn me money? What is like being a blogger? I can relate to this one quote “Just because my path is different doesn’t mean that I am lost!” 

My decision of quitting my job wasn’t an overnight plan. And I do not believe in “quit your job and travel” or “quit your job and follow your passion”. Instead, what I strongly believe in is that whatever job you are into, enjoy it to the fullest. While some people can balance work and travel both, given my work schedule, I just couldn’t! I soon realized that I love being a lawyer but being a full-time traveller is what gives me immense satisfaction. 

If you want to shift your career path, the foremost thing you should do is to create a plan and have clarity on what exactly you wish to achieve. Save every penny that you earn for your venture that you wish to set up.  

Q. Many law students and graduates feel limited to the corporate and litigation race as their career choice. What are your thoughts on making your passion your career of choice? 

Your passion, your purpose is something that you should love, no matter what. As Warren Buffet says, you should do something that makes you want to tap dance to work every day. 

Discover your interests and things that make you happy. Enhance your knowledge and research about other fields that appeal to you. Create a plan. When you make your passion into your profession, you’ll be able to make living doing what you enjoy.  

It is fundamentally necessary to take the first step. No one is good at something they do it for the first time. So go ahead and try it! 

One has to bear in mind that following your passion will always be a heart v/s mind battle! You have to someday make a choice and move on. It may sound very radical but if you want more out of your life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and be ready to adopt a bold and a different lifestyle. Like it’s said, “If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it….” ~ Nora Roberts.   

Q. Do you have any parting messages/ tips for our readers who are considering pursuing their passion post law school?   

Don’t stick to something that doesn’t interest you. It’s absolutely fine to find your passion and follow it. Just ensure it’s well planned. Having said this – be aware and prepared that passion may not always translate into a high-paying job. But when you love what you do, you’ll get more fulfilment when you finally reach the pinnacle. There is nothing like crossing off your bucket list of goals you set out for yourself to achieve.    

Today, do yourself a favour. Pause for a moment and evaluate if you are happy with what you’re doing. If yes, that’s great. If not, ask yourself why? If this doesn’t make you happy, what shall it be? Once you have the answers, take the first step.

I made a switch after a decade of having a legal career. I believe it is never too late. Today when I reflect and ask myself if I have any regrets? The answer is NO.  

Find out more about Ms. Khyati Thakker – 

Disclaimer – All views and opinions expressed in this interview are personal and belong solely to the interviewee(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the LAABh Foundation or the individuals and institutions associated with LAABh Foundation.

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