Interview with Alvin Starkman

While working on an M.A, in Toronto, Alvin Starkman was a florist and taught social anthropology at a community college. Academic tenure streams were then rare, so rather than begin a Ph.D., he decided to enter law school. While remunerative and enabling his family to lead a comfortable existence, life as a litigator became burdensomeContinue reading “Interview with Alvin Starkman”

Interview with Kimbyrleigha

Kimbyrleigha is a mom, a law school graduate, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is currently taking courses in Medicolegal Death Investigation and has a non-traditional job as a Content Creator and has had multi-platform success, especially in the last 5 years. She is currently making a career change and lookingContinue reading “Interview with Kimbyrleigha”

Interview with Megan Grandinetti

Megan Grandinetti graduated from law school in 2008, summa cum laude, from Seton Hall University School of Law. She moved on to working for some prestigious law firms in the U.S. as an international tax attorney. In 2013, she left her law career to focus on building a yoga and wellness business, which is nowContinue reading “Interview with Megan Grandinetti”

Interview with Warren Brown

Warren Brown is the owner of Countertop Productions, Inc. a boutique manufacturer of innovative snacks that markets products under the brands Don’t Forget Cake, Spark Bites and CakeLove. He is an entrepreneur at heart with an unconventional career path that embodies what it means to pursue one’s passion. Brown’s experience transitioning from lawyer to bakerContinue reading “Interview with Warren Brown”

Interview with Kritika Padode Bhandari

Kritika Padode Bhandari is an alumnus of National Law University, Delhi. Currently she is the trustee of IFIM Institutions and Member, Governing Council of Vijaybhoomi University- India’s first Liberal Professional University. She is also an advocate at the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India.  Her vision is to democratize access to good qualityContinue reading “Interview with Kritika Padode Bhandari”

Impact Of Climate Change On Right To Health

Abstract: With the new IPCC report out, the situation of climate change is evidently alarming and it is believed that mitigating efforts might not even work to save the environment at this point. Through this blog, the author would like to highlight the impact that climate change shall have on the right to health asContinue reading “Impact Of Climate Change On Right To Health”

Interview with Vikram Shah

Vikram is an associate editor at He has previously worked as a copy editor with Mint Lounge and a trainee solicitor at the law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. He graduated from NLSIU, Bangalore, in 2014. Q. Hello, it’s a pleasure to have you with us! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourselfContinue reading “Interview with Vikram Shah”

Protection of the Environment in Armed Conflicts: Legal Analysis

by Madhura Sapkal, Student at Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai Abstract Until the 1970s, the environment was not the concern of IHL. In situations of armed conflict, human life is disturbed and the environment is also damaged which contributes heavily to the pollution. It is impossible to avoid environmental damage completely, but legal measures canContinue reading “Protection of the Environment in Armed Conflicts: Legal Analysis”

IHL Application on the Potential Use of Weapons in Outer Space

by Divya Sharma, Student at University of Kent Abstract Since the 1950s, with the development and successful launch of different spacecraftsuch as satellites, humankind began to enter the vast outer space. The space isextensive and boundless, and it can provide us a wide field of vision. Many countriesexplored outer-space for military purposes from the start. InContinue reading “IHL Application on the Potential Use of Weapons in Outer Space”