Core Team

Adv. Shubham Maheshwari
Founder, LAABh Foundation

Adv. Shubham Maheshwari is a practicing Advocate at the Rajasthan High Court. He is also an Executive Member of the Janaseva Foundation. His attributes are inclusive of being a Legal Advisor & Business Consultant, Mentor, Counselor and a Social Activist. He is passionate about Legal Education and Spreading the Fragrance of the Law amongst the poorest of the poor and from this, The LAABh (Legal Aid and Awareness for Bhartiya) Foundation was born. He specialisies in Environmental law, Human rights and Mining Law.

Abhishek Jain
Chairman & Chief Networking Officer, LAABh Foundation

Mr. Abhishek Jain is an aspiring Social Entrepreneur and a creative thinker and problem solver by nature he likes to look for innovative and personalized solutions to common place issues by involving the relevant stakeholders as a part of this process. He Heads the Research Wing at the LAABh Foundation and is the Head and Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial and Publication Wing as well. Aspiring for an unconventional career himself, he Founded the Interview Corner – Outside the Conventional which aims to formulate a space for students to promote advocacy about unconventional careers switches post a law degree. Here, people who have taken up their passion as their career either exclusively or alongside a legal career are interviewed about the factors that affected their decision to switch careers after studying law, what their careers/typical days now look like, what some challenges they faced as a result of this switch are and how they overcame them. Subsequently he Founded the Expert’s Corner –A Law & Policy Blog, and the Students’ Corner – Simplifying the Law.