Interview Corner – Outside the Conventional

The Interview Corner interviews people all over the world who have completed their studies in law but went on to either entirely quit the legal field and pursue their passion exclusively; took up their passion as a side hustle with their legal careers; or those who have still remained in the legal field but took up something unconventionally legal. In essence it features those who have studied law previously and then shifted gears to unconventional career options that are different/unrelated to law and went on to become professionals in their chosen fields and an inspiration to many. The interview places its focus on the interviewee’s reason to switch careers, the factors they took into consideration before making the switch, the challenges they faced, how they overcame these challenges and what they would do differently if they could go over the entire process again. This gives those who are considering a career switch post law, a reality check of sorts and a certain amount of background knowledge of what they would be getting into, especially since our interview corner covers a host of different career paths that people have opted for post their studies in law. The interviews also show how having a good hold of the law and how experiences from law school equip one with a wide variety of transferable skills which are useful across professions. Post Law school, students sometimes feel limited to only the few conventional legal career options to choose from. We want to show them the wide spectrum of opportunities that are available to them after law school as well as make them believe that though the change may be hard, it is definitely possible.